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Snappers - Millers

ROPPI fodder snapping machines

Advantage of snapping:

- The lose structure of the snapped crop, from the point of view
of digestion is more uniform and advantegous.

- Its results for the farmer healthier animals, less consume of
fodder and more profite at the same time.

- The best fodder of the horse breeding is the snapped oat.

- Having the snapped machines, the fresh fodder can be
prepared day by day, the loss of vitamin is smaller and the
fodder will not be dried.


Suggestion for houshold farmers and pet breeders.

The use of millers:

- It's utilizable for the snapping and milling of all kind of corns,
peas, beans and premix mictures

The structure of machines is of up to date and the use
of it is simply.

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