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ROBIX HUNGARY Producer of Agricultural Machinery and Commercial Ltd.
displays it's activity on the field of general machinery production.

It's a company of Hungarian interests employing 200 people on it's two seats - Veszprém and Zirc.

ROBIX Ltd. with it's own development products is determinative on the Hungarian market and the brand name 'ROBI' is well-known on the special field of European trade.

Main groups of products:

  • small machines for gardening, tillers of capacity of 4 to 10 HP with wide range of working tool assortment
  • frontal scythes, mulchers with communal working tool assortment
  • grape and fruit processing machines on hobby-field
  • fodder-preparatory machines, crop-snapping machines and hammer mills
  • STERIMOB washing and sterilizing engine of high pressure.

Export activity is of great importance in merchandising the products. Significant reference:

  • German, Italian, Austrian, English, Swedish, Polish, Slovenian, Baltic and Russian commercial relations.

ROBIX machines are produced in quality and construction of EU-Conform. The production technology provides opportunity both for the formation of individual initiative and product aspect in accordance with the business demands.

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