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Communal machines
... mowing, sweeping, mulcher making
and scraping with one machine...

Frontal scythe and broomer

Robi-MA 51X basic machine with its attached adapters is
a good helper for the cultivation of well keeped grounds.
The units with a simple assembling are splenidly useful for
the following :

F-801 scythe with adapter: for mowing of rough grassland
FS-700 sweeper with adapter: for ground cleaning
TL-802 with snow-scraper plate: for snow cleaning

Rotatory drum scythe and mulcher

Robi-MA 50 basic machine with its attached adapters are
splendidly useful for the mowing of graminaceous, for the
care of rough grassland and for snow clearing

RFK-500 scythe with adapter
M-500 mulcher with adapter
TL-801 with snow-scraper plate

Communal machines

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